So its been a lifelong dream of mine to tour Europe.  I wanted to go in 2011 but I didn’t have enough leave or money. I then decided that I would save both for the next year, and do it in 2012. The original (2011) plan was to go with my partner in crime, Rowan, since he also wanted to go. Then as time went on, another friend of mine also expressed interest. She’s also a travel nut like I am. I think I inherited it from my mother…definitely not something I’m ashamed of!

Anyway, back to the point…I started to gather a good few people who were interested in the trip. But slowly, as time went by, one by one they started falling away. I still did not lose interest though because I was wanting to go on this trip for so long. Eventually, it was back down to Rowan and no one else, since they either didn’t have enough money or they changed jobs. Then, after I opened Rowan’s eyes about not being paid enough at his company, he also changed jobs. So now, its just me! I also planned on changing jobs, just for the sake of career growth and diversity, but I had spent almost a year saving my leave days as well as money, so I didn’t want to cancel it just because of the possibility that I might go alone.

The original plan also consisted of a 12 day Contiki tour of Europe, followed by an additional 3 days in London. When it was decided that it was just me, I thought hey, what the hell, let me do the 16 day tour and still do the 3 days in London. I mean, who wouldn’t want to add 4 extra days that include Monaco, Pisa, and the French Riviera (Nice to be exact) into their trip if they could help it?

As if things couldn’t get any better…I’m staying with a friend in London. She was actually my neighbour from the time I was about 5 years old till I was 17ish. We’re like family. She’s a big Harry Potter fan like me. Once I told her about the Leavesden Studio tour, where all the Harry Potter films were made, she booked tickets for us! Its definitely a dream come true. I’ve been wanting to visit that place while the films were still being made. Can’t believe its actually happening.

The most difficult thing about travelling is waiting for the time between booking and checking in at the airport to pass. Other than that…all excitement.


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