Smartphone confusion

My cellphone contract is due for renewal soon. I currently own a Blackberry Curve 8520. I loved it at first, but after a year, that quickly changed. It died on me almost exactly a year after I got it, and was so bad that when I sent it for repairs, it was decided that it would be better to just give me a completely new phone to replace it. The same model. Much to my disgust.

Since then, even the replacement model is giving up. Freezing every so often, Blackberry App World upgrading but the not working… I mean, for goodness sake, isn’t there a limit to how many things can break on a single device? The last straw for me was that worldwide blackout of RIM’s servers, where about 5 continents were without BIS.

Long story short – I once thought that Blackberries were for the rich and famous, and when I got one I was pretty thrilled. Now, however, I can’t wait to get rid of mine.

Since my contract lasts 2 years, I had that amount of time to research the other mobile OSs. Of course, there are only 2 worthy contenders – Apple and Android. Everyone had heard of Apple, but Android? I’m a huge Google fan and I think they’re geniuses, but I really had no clue about Android and how good it was. In fact, the same for Apple for that matter. I had never owned an Apple product before, up until recently when I decided to break the ice by getting myself an iPod Nano (which I think is brilliant).

And so the research began. iPhone 4…hmm, saw it before it was even released in SA because of my now English neighbour who came to visit with her one that she had bought in the UK (for about R2000 less than the proposed SA price, I might add), but I still had no clue how to operate it. I only knew from watching some tv shows on how to pinch to zoom into a picture, and how to swipe to the next screen. I was rather thrilled with the crystal clear display, as well as the photo quality.

The iPhone 4 was something I really thought I’d get, but I still had about a year to decide. Knowing how quickly technology changes, I didn’t want to make that my final decision. I was impressed at the announcement of the iPhone 4S, but the only real feature worth mentioning, that was different to its predecessor, was Siri,

Then one day along came along the Samsung Galaxy S2. The more research I did, the better it looked. And overall, it was actually better than the iPhone 4S. I had still not seen one in person though and didn’t get an opportunity to play around with it. Brilliant South African phone stores…the only phones they can show you are non-working dummies. Apparently, though, this has changed. My decision however had been made – Galaxy S2 over the iPhone 4S for sure.

Another problem arose for me though…the Samung Galaxy Note was announced. That phone completely blew me away with its features and capabilities. Until one day I decided to go to a cellphone shop and compare it with the Galaxy S2. I heard it was a “tablet phone”, but couldn’t quite picture its size, so seeing the actual thing in person helped a lot. For anyone who hasn’t seen it…take an average sized serviette and hold it against your ear. Awkward to say the least. I couldn’t imagine having a conversation on something I could barely fit into my pocket (I’m more of a cellphone-in-handbag person, but there are those lazy occasions where I need it in my pocket).

So, unless you’ve read this post incorrectly, I think its obvious which phone is the winner in my opinion. If not, well…read it again!


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  1. Alo says:

    I say none beat S2…n since u r a google fan so am i, thus my comments 😛

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