The Foot Print of an Ant can be Heard

By my friend, Prega, who I never knew could write. Guess you can’t judge a person by their texting shorthand!

The Evaluation of Humans to a Kinder Diet

The universe was created by God who has no beginning or end, we are living proof from that divine energy  “The Creator” and in us is the knowledge from God, however as time progresses man as lost site of his True Nature.

We are the highest form of life on earth we are Human with knowledge from God, and we know from the remarkable progress of man the extent that the power of our minds can achieve, “Man was animals until divine  knowledge was placed in his mind” (Veda, Universe Creation).

click on this image to watch a video on the creation of the universe

If all creation is from God then are we not all the same in his eyes, can a mother love one child more that another ? They may have a favorite child that’s only because of some event that credited the child or simply on…

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