Diary of a Home Owner Part 2: A Year Later

I really did not expect to take this long to write Part 2, but the truth is I just wasn’t inspired enough to write it. I know, what inspiration could I possibly need, right? I don’t know either; but I do know that I have it now.

I actually can’t believe that I’ve already been living in my own place for more than a year now. The time really has flown. My place still isn’t 100% furnished yet, owing to the fact that I’m so fussy about what I want and that fact that everything has to match perfectly. So, what has happened in the last year?

The Clock

It took me at least 14 months just to get a clock for my living room because I had to have a vintage-looking one with the Eiffel Tower on it. I searched and searched in every shop that could possibly have it, but the clocks I did see up until I got the right one just weren’t “the one”. Finally, when I wasn’t really looking for it, I found it. You know that something was worth the wait when it makes you smile every time you look at it.Eiffel Tower clock

The Geyser

Probably the most annoying thing for me was the fact that my geyser burst some time at the end of February. Since I live in a sectional title, I did not need to get my own insurance policy, however I wasn’t quite sure how things worked in my complex when it came to sorting out things like a broken geyser. Also, the last people I wanted to deal with was my complex’s Body Corporate. Long story short, it took 8 months and the sending of several nasty emails in order for me to be refunded, since the payment wasn’t entirely mine to make. My tolerance level for dishonest people is very low, and it there’s only so much nonsense I can handle before I decide to take action. When I do finally snap, the culprits need to hide!

The Orchids

I had 2 of the most gorgeous orchids gifted to me by very dear friends – one for my birthday last year and the other for my birthday this year. These orchids now make my lounge look very pleasant, though they’re both growing new stems. The friend who gave me the orchid last year knew both that it is my favourite flower and what my favourite colour is, while the friend who gave me the other one for this year’s birthday didn’t know either – she said that when she saw it, it reminded her of me. She even got the colour right without knowing which my favourite is. Guess I chose my friends well!

The Demons Next Door

There is one complaint: my neighbour’s kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but when they scream as though an axe murderer is chasing them around their back yard, I tend to be less accepting. There is one thing that is equally bad: the fact that they throw both rubbish and toys into my yard. Its one thing if you accidentally hit a ball over the fence, but don’t tell me that you’ve been playing cricket with your empty chips packets and burger containers. I have caught them red handed several times and gave them a firm speaking to on a few occasions, and it seems to have slowed down since, however they haven’t been fully educated in the art of “throwing stuff in your own bin” yet. Speaking to their rather dignified parents didn’t seem to stop them completely, unfortunately.

Move out

In the End

I’ve settled in and I’m happy. There are still, however, both some questions and some thoughts.

The questions:

  • What if I take a job in another city?
  • What if I leave the country? What do I do with this house?
  • If and when I get married, will I still be living in this house?
  • Should I really be spending so much time and money furnishing it when I don’t intend on growing old here?

The thoughts:

  • I don’t want to live here forever
  • I want to move to Europe
  • I’d prefer living in a bigger place when I get married. It doesn’t have to be massive, but comfortable for 2 working class people.

Who knows what the next year or two will bring. Will I still be here or not?


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