Looking back at 2014

Up until the end of May, 2014 was quite a blur for me. I’m not quite sure how time progressed as fast as it did in those 5 months; all I know is that it was only after that did I get my life back.

Burns Evening with my friend Sharon
Burns Evening with my friend Sharon

I was going to speak on nearly everything that happened this year, but that could cost me hours of writing time. So, after writing about 5 paragraphs, I decided to scrap the lot and redo the entire thing cos at the end of the day, no one really wants to read a saga (unless you really like me a lot, in which case, you’d know the details anyway).

Since the highs far outweigh the lows, I think its best to start with the bad and end with the good!

Things that belong in Isengard (because Mordor is a little extreme):

  • Family. So bad that I’ve cut ties with some of them!
  • The project that started in Mid-February and ended in the first week of June. I experienced the highest amount of stress and worked the most overtime I’ve ever had to do. This project, however, was also one of the year’s highlights.
  • A close friend leaving the company.

Things lit up by the Phial of Galadriel:

  • Burns Evening. Pure Scottish delight – bagpipes included.
  • The project mentioned above. It gave me new friends and an immense amount of exposure and recognition.
The Iron Throne
The Iron Throne
  • My friend Anine got back from maternity leave. She was lucky enough to have missed all the chaos of the mad project.
  • Meeting Brooke Saward, founder and author of World of Wanderlust. She is my biggest travel inspiration and I am proud to call her my friend.
  • Rowan, a.k.a my brother-from-another-mother doing his yearly pilgrimage to visit me
  • Pre-birthday drinks with my good friends from work
  • Sitting on the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones
  • Road trip to the Drakensburg to celebrate my 30th birthday
  • An evening at Montecasino for about 7 hours which consisted of playing games, eating, drinking, and just having fun till 2am. It was probably the most fun I’ve had all year.
  • Bonding with friends at the company year end function.
  • Meeting up with Cristina, my American friend who I hadn’t seen for over a year, for catch-up drinks
  • Being introduced to my favourite song by someone who barely knew me at the time – Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi.


  • The births of my high school friends’ babies, both in August – my birthday month!
  • My high school friend Natasha’s wedding.

I think its safe to say that 2014 was, without a doubt, a great year. Of course a great year cannot go by without equally great photos to prove it. Here’s some of my favourites:

Year end function with Anine
Year end function with Anine


























Gallivanting with Rowan

Gallivanting with Rowan


Taking a selfie with my favourite 2 year old, Katherine

Taking a selfie with my favourite 2 year old, Katherine


Attending Natasha's pre-wedding celebrations
Attending Natasha’s pre-wedding celebrations

Lesson learned this year: throw out the bad and focus on the good. The negative isn’t worth thinking about. If you can count the good on only one hand, there’s still more to come. Things can only get better!



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