USA and Canada: The trip I’ve planned the least

This trip should be very interesting. The project I mentioned in my previous post has been moved yet again (with good reason) and this time we are targeting the end of May. I hope to God that that’s the last time it’ll be moved, but the last thing we want to do is sacrifice quality just to meet a date. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to this project, I am now working 10 hour days every day, which is not at all normal for me. There are the odd 11 and 12 hour days here and there too. My body has actually adjusted to it now and I’m not sure whether or not that’s a good thing. I am also attending training now which is awesome, however I missed the past 2 weekends because classes ran over both Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:30am – 4pm, so I’ve been having 7 day weeks. Thank God for the Easter weekend break. Thereafter, classes will be exclusively on Saturdays.

Basically, I have no life right now. I have not even had the time to get my Canadian visa yet. The US one took less than a week – I did it in January I think, which should give you an indication of how busy I am since we’re going to be in the second week of April and I still haven’t gotten to it. Next week it needs to happen; come hell or high water!

The visa is probably the biggest thing left for me to do. That, and booking for the Calgary Stampede. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I do a fair amount of planning before any trip, but by the looks of things, I’m gonna be winging it for most of this one. I have not even had a Skype call yet with the family I’m going to stay with in Toronto and I kind of feel bad because it’s almost as if I’m only going to be in contact with them while I’m there. That’s really not how I want things to be considering I’ve never met them before.

This year hasn’t totally been about work though, and up until last weekend, I did have some form of a life.

Some colleagues-turned-friends came down from India to work on the project, so I took them out a little bit. They’ve only got about 1.5 months left here – will definitely miss their company!

St Patrick’s Day was the bomb, and since I got sick again and had an awful hangover for half of the next day (just like last year), I’ve decided never to drink more than one Guiness at a time ever again.

A friend and colleague of mine also resigned, and we did something I haven’t done before for her farewell – Paint Nite. It’s basically what they like to call “creative drinking” i.e. paint while you drink. The event, where the artist guides the class in recreating his/her painting, is held at different restaurants around Joburg. Once upon a time I was pretty good at art, and considering my mom was an art teacher, it’s in my blood. I’m not sure if I still have it in me, but I’m happy with how my painting turned out. So besides bidding Steph farewell, this was a small tribute to my mom too.

Judging from what I just wrote, do I really need to provide any more proof as to how little planning I’ve done? I literally have 82 days left before I get on that plane to San Francisco, and instead of working my ass off so much, I should just take half a day to get myself to the Canadian embassy and sort out that visa.

Dammit Aradhna, don’t forget that July isn’t so far away any more.


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